From Champions Matchday, featuring Cristiano Ronaldo | September 10, 2014 -

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”.. there is one quality, as important as all his more obvious accomplishments, that makes Ronaldo what he is. Cast your mind back to September [2012] and the 87th minute of a thrilling group match at the Estadio Santiago Bernabéu between the European aristocrats of Real Madrid and the audacious pretenders of Manchester City FC. After City have twice taken the lead, Madrid No9 Karim Benzema scores with a slightly deflected shot that has the home crowd taking a collective sigh of relief.

As Benzema’s left-foot shot hits the back of the net, most of the Madrid team celebrate. Yet there is one man for whom a 2-2 draw at home to City simply will not do. Ignoring the celebrations, Ronaldo makes a bee-line for Joe Hart’s goal, darting in to collect the ball and ensure the game restarts as soon as possible.

Determined to seize the moments gained, Ronaldo collects the ball almost from the restart, skips inside Pablo Zabaleta and unleashes a powerful skimming shot that bounces into the net. With the stadium in uproar, Ronaldo slides to a halt on his back.

One point, even if it’s earned with three minutes left on the clock, will never be enough for Ronaldo - and nor will one UEFA Champions League with Madrid. Records may be broken, spectacular goals may be scored, prestigious silverware may be won, but none of this will really satisfy Ronaldo for long. As he said after that City game: ‘Things that are hardest to achieve give you the most joy.’"